What WST Global Productions offers, above all, is one stop shopping from our all-star Creative Production Team that also provides à la carte concept development work. Regardless of the scope or budget, we approach all projects the same way....


What WST Global Productions offers, above all, is one stop shopping from our all-star Creative Production Team that also provides à la carte concept development work. Regardless of the scope or budget, we approach all projects the same way....


Expertise and vision allows WST-GP to deliver creative ides for unparalleled Corporate Theater, Product Launches, Conferences, Original Stage Productions, Original Music, Lyrics and Choreography, Festivals, Video Productions, Concept Rendering, Graphic Designs and Website/Social Media Support as well as providing all show management & joint production elements in conjunction with your production team.



Advertising and content marketing is selectively telling your story in an impactful and memorable way utilizing words, imagery, timing, placement and movement. The WST Global Productions, creative content team, is in tune with your brand, ideas, strategy, message and product and can help you live in the minds of your target audience.

Just a few custom promotions specialties we offer

  • Creative Development
  • Copywriting
  • Print: Magazine, Newspaper
  • Direct Mail/Email Campaigns
  • Outdoor: Billboards, Transit
  • Multimedia Displays
  • Online Ad Campaigns


As a creative business, WST Global Productions understands the importance of properly showcasing one’s work, products, accomplishments, and success stories.

Sizzle reels—sometimes referred to as demo reels, highlight reels, promo reels or creds reels—are a critical component of any communication portfolio. In many cases, the sizzle reel will be the first thing that your prospective customer will see when evaluating your work, product, or service.

Given this reality, creating a captivating and attention-grabbing video can make the difference between a sale and a lost opportunity. In today’s digitally-oriented world, a sizzle reel becomes a company’s digital business card. WST is uniquely qualified to produce the best-in-class sizzle reels for companies looking to make that unforgettable first impression.

Great sizzle reels have many distinct characteristics:

  • They tell a story: Fluidly weaving together products, images, videos, performances, and more
  • They pack a punch: Keeping viewers transfixed and entertained, wanting to see more
  • They’re well paced: Creatively blending together snippets of visual data
  • They’re economical: Providing the right balance of content and efficiency. They’re short, sweet and to the point
  • They’re relevant: Precisely targeting the desired audience. After all, pharma executives are different from fashion executives
  • They’re emotional: With a point of view and a defined thematic tone (e.g. inspiring, adventurous, innovative, compassionate, humorous, creative, or traditional)

Our expert team of editors, composers, designers, animators, writers, and marketers first become intimately familiar with the client’s body of work. From this, we determine a tone and point of view that addresses a number of questions:

We select the perfect soundtrack to set the pace and personality of the piece. Then our excellent team of editors weaves together a mélange of your assets in a way that interlaces snippets of work along with creative enhancements to best showcase your accomplishments.

Sizzle reels are ideal for:

• Fashion • Beauty • Public Relations • Advertising • Technology/Consumer Electronics • Apparel • Entertainment • Pharmaceuticals • Foundations • Luxury



Just as Rome wasn’t built in a day, neither are brands. It takes time to build an image and gain public trust.. To get your message out there or resposition your company, you’re going to need a plan. We take your brand, platform, and the business you’ve worked so hard to build out into the world through campaigns.

Every brand tells a story, and our job is to find the best way to tell it, with a sound lead generation strategy and the metrics to back it up. That way, we establish a plan of action to make your unique vision a success. When we help you achieve exposure through expert placement, execution, and delivery, the creative concepts and overarching campaigns will stick with your consumers.

Brand Strategy

  • Identities
  • Name Consultation
  • Logo Design
  • Brand Standards
  • Stationery + Internal DocumentS
Brand Development
  • Brand Discovery + Development
  • Creative Direction
  • Marketing + Operations Consulting
  • Spatial Design Consulting
  • Tagline Development
  • Copywriting + Brand Narratives
  • Message Strategy
  • Voice Development
Media Planning
  • Media Plan Development
  • Media Buying
  • Consultation
  • Client Representation
Digital Experiential Marketing-Approach
  • Campaign Design, Development + Execution
  • MailChimp + Constant Contact
  • Vertical Response + Action Message
  • Website Integration of Email Sign-Ups
  • E-Marketing Maintenance


  • Organic + Local SEO
  • SEO Consulting
  • Certified Google Analytics Tracking
  • Business Listing Management
  • On + Off Site SEO
  • Lead Generation + SEM
Sales + Marketing
  • Brochures + Rack Cards
  • Sales Kits, Folders + Flyers
  • Business Cards + Stationery
  • Presentation Design + PowerPoint Templates
  • Newsletters + Annual Reports


What is a pitch?   It’s an opportunity to create an opportunity. The days of selling yourself or your business with a smile and a firm handshake are long gone.  In todays’ business climate, people expect ideas to be presented to them clearly and effectively.  And the most successful tool to create that opportunity is with a pitch video.

WST Global Productions has an entire team ready to work with you to develop and shoot a professional pitch video that can help you engage your client and close the deal.  Let your competition rely on Power Point.  We can tailor a video to your own needs and target your specific audience.

Our team will meet with you and develop your concept and the best way to convey your message or product.  From there, we will work with you every step of the way, through production and even tweak the final product to target specific demographics.

And unlike other presentations that can quickly become text heavy, a sharply designed pitch video can engage and share your vision in a clear, compelling and succinct manner.

So if you need to sell a product, a brand or even yourself, WST Global Productions is the only call you need to make.  Our job is to make you look good and we’re looking forward to making every aspect of the production process effective, painless, and most importantly, fun.



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